Drake Patrick Mirembe (PhD)

ICT& Management Consultant, Innovations & Cyber Security Specialist, Data Scientist, Business & Technology Entrepreneur, Christian & Farmer

Dr. Drake Patrick Mirembe Encourages Collaboration to Enrich Student Learning Experiences

Dr. Drake Mirembe has emphasized the importance of collaboration between universities in order to enrich students learning experiences.

“UTAMU is building collaborations through exchange programs with other universities so as to enrich student learning experiences,” said Dr. Drake Mirembe, Dean School of Professional and Vocational Education.

Dr. Mirembe made the remarks as he met with international students from Univerzita Karlova in Czech Republic whom he is supporting in supervision as they had come for a visit at UTAMU Campus.

The two students are in Uganda for six months researching on how Aid facilitates development programs in Africa. The research is to identify the role of beneficiaries in the design of these development programs and how these programs are being delivered in the communities.

Dr. Mirembe added that through these exchange programs students can be paired to develop innovations that can solve society problems.

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